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Feedback conversations Are Critical To The health of organizations

and yet conducting these types of interactions is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership

Few leaders are really skillful with feedback conversations

Yet these types of conversations have a significant impact on morale and performance in organizations. Serious issues (such as disengagement, loss of trust, turnover) can arise when feedback is either avoided or handled badly. Each of those issues can affect the bottom line—even if the direct link is not immediately obvious.

What you can expect....

Lack of feedback can produce very significant problems for most organizations…But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way. It is possible to have entirely different outcomes – quickly! Here are some of the results you can expect from our Feedback Conversations Workshop:


  • Leaders have a model for handling feedback conversations successfully. 

  • They know how to deliver feedback without triggering resistance. 

  • The organization benefits from the development of talent. 

  • High potential employees get the developmental feedback that keeps them growing. 

  • Working relationships are strengthened. 

  • Developmental conversations keep employees on the high-performance pathway. 

  • Feedback conversations lead to coaching conversations. Feedback is just the first step. 

  • Feedback becomes an opportunity to align employees with the corporate vision. 

Our Feedback Conversations Workshop has been specifically designed to have a major impact in a short time.

We’ve made it quick, easy and simple. In a single day participants learn a powerful communications approach with practical skills that can be applied immediately.

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