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Equine Assisted Learning

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning provides an uncommon and exciting process for developing self-awareness and confidence while promoting teamwork and developing interpersonal relationship skills.

Specifically designed interactive experiences focus on the development of a deep knowledge of self as well as relationship skills while providing opportunities to practice interpersonal communication and increase leadership effectiveness.

Why Horses?

Horses model the essential qualities of trust, authenticity, honesty, intuition, listening and willingness of spirit. Horses have no agenda with us; they simply reflect our strength of character, our heart, our internal incongruence and our self-limiting beliefs.

Horses help us close the gap between how we actually show up from how we think we are showing up. The minute we get close to them, they size us up and are curious about “Who is Leading?” They expect us to embody what we care about and stay focused on what we want to accomplish. They help us gain a much deeper and quicker self-awareness than traditional approaches and with that we gain the capacity to respond with choice versus reacting to the pressures around us. Horses help us see that if we lead ourselves effectively, others will follow naturally and willingly.

What to Expect

No Judgement

The non – judgmental  and inquisitive approach of horses guides us to uncover self-limiting judgements and beliefs and helps us to learn and embody new more optimistic interpretations dramatically faster and more accurately than traditional learning environments.


The horse’s innate wisdom and honest feedback provides profound and unique insights into your leadership presence. They have no reason to sugarcoat or hold back: they call it like they see it and its up to us to listen and apply the wisdom.


Horses provide a confidential, safe space where we can be ourselves, make mistakes, gain awareness and practice new skills. At work or at home we often worry about what others will think or how we will be perceived if we make mistakes or don't get it "right". Horses don't care, they want you to succeed and they have the patience and compassion to help you grow. 


No horse experience necessary. Anyone can benefit from working with the horses. All of the work we do is on the ground (not riding) in a safe, structured, and supervised environment.  Our equine partners are skilled facilitators and coaches and have a desire to share their wisdom and help you achieve your goals. 

Equine coaching will push you beyond the obstacles in your life that are holding you back.  It will allow you to be seen and to see what is real, honest, and authentic because the horses don’t understand subterfuge.  Allowing the wise horse to guide you toward a more authentic self may be the most impactful form of coaching there is, and for us who are lucky enough to have experienced it, change happens.

Heather Miars

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