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About Us

About Us

Ears Up Leadership was born out of one person's passion to make a difference in this world by enabling others to succeed. It quickly became a collaboration of very talented individuals, with the same passion, who work together to make it a reality. We make a difference through coaching, workshops and training. One person, one team, one organization at a time. 

Our Core Team

Cindy Schwarz

In addition to being the founder of Ears Up Leadership, Cindy Schwarz is a professional certified coach, master facilitator and experienced corporate executive. She brings 25 years of leadership experience in construction, hotel management and various non-profit and family owned businesses. Cindy’s specialty is self-leadership and developing courageous individuals who in turn lead and develop great teams and organizations. 

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Michelle Linback

 Michelle’s expertise is coordinating the details and making stuff work. She  has always enjoyed creating order out of chaos, a skill she mastered as a 911 dispatcher. Michelle has worked with Cindy as learning coordinator for close to 10 years and continues in this role at Ears Up Leadership. If you contact us for information, the person at the receiving end of your initial email will probably be Michelle and she looks forward to hearing from you.


Where did the name Ears Up Leadership come from?

Ears Up came from my love for horses. If you have ever had a horse look directly at you with their ears up, it can be an amazing feeling, the feeling that they really see you and they are happy you are there.


  When horses put their ears up they are fully present, paying attention and curious about what is happening around them. That is who we are: present, attentive and curious. It is also what we do: we teach leaders to to be present, vulnerable and curious about themselves, the people they lead, and the environment in which they lead. 

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