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If you Want Your Leaders to Unlock the Power and Creativity of Your Workforce

They Must Improve Their Ability To Coach and Develop Others.

Navigational Conversations provides leaders with the skills to unlock the talent and problem-solving abilities of others.

A major challenge faced by many leaders is their own tendency to be hands-on problem solvers. This skill may have contributed to their promotion to management, but it can easily become a limitation. Effective leaders know that their primary role is to build capacity of those around them. Until they gain this skill, they are functioning as managers instead of leaders

What you can expect....

You see immediate shifts in leadership behaviors. As soon as your leaders return from two days working on coaching skills, you will see differences. They are profound and they are lasting. The outcomes you can expect are:

  • Managers understand how to connect and build trust with others. 

  • Managers know how to enroll others in the organization’s agenda so that it becomes the employees’ agenda.

  • They shift from a superior-to-subordinate directive style to a peer-to-peer collaborative style.

  • They shift from problem-solving to unlocking the problem-solving capacity of others.

  • Rather than “doing it all”, managers become leaders and develop the capacity of others to perform.

  • They move others to take action.

Managers Will Never Be Effective Leaders Without Mastering the “Coach Approach”

They Don’t Need to Become Professional Coaches, But They Must Gain Coaching Skills To Be Successful Managers

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