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Customizable Learning Adventures

We design group learning adventures that combine key principles and extensive practice using actual situations faced by participants.  We teach and practice new skills while challenging unproductive approaches replacing them with new effective skills and behaviors.  Participants benefit from the collective intelligence and expand their learning by engaging and connecting with others.

When I learned to ride a motorcycle, it was an individual adventure. Navigating the back roads for hours, honing my skills and getting comfortable and confident on the bike. And then I rode with a group. It took my learning to a whole new level. I was no longer looking out for just myself, we were a team and what one of us did affected the other. We collaborated, learned and helped each other succeed. I became a better rider because of my group.

Workshops provide the same benefit.

Coming together in a diverse group to share knowledge, learn new skills, motivate and challenge each other is an important part of leadership development.

Featured Workshops

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0)  

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ 360°)

  • DiSC 

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode - (TKI)

  • Leadership Styles

  • Personal Communications Style Inventory (PCSI)

  • And more

Clarity Building Tools

Additional Workshops

Emotional Intelligence

How much impact does emotional intelligence (EI) have on your success? The short answer is a lot!  It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make conscious decisions that achieve desired results.  Those who employ a blend of thinking (IQ) and feeling (EI) achieve the greatest results. The best part is that EI can be taught and we can help increase your EI and increase your effectiveness.

Conflict Management

Conflict is an essential component to the success of a relationship, team or organization and managing conflict is a crucial skill for leaders. When conflict is handled effectively, it leads to many benefits, such as accomplishing goals, building trust and strengthening relationships.  Handled ineffectively, conflict can quickly turn into poor performance and breakdown of relationships.

High Performing Teams

There is no greater asset to an organization than a great team. When a group of people truly come together to become a team, great things happen. Increased efficiency, open dialogues, cooperation, innovation, creativity, commitment, personal and professional growth, employee satisfaction, and so much more. Building teams is not an easy task but we can help.

Leadership Immersion

Leadership Immersion (LI) is a uniquely customized program that combines leadership training, business acumen and individual coaching for a comprehensive  leadership development process. Content is created by incorporating best practices, desired outcomes and organizational culture. If you would like to develop your leadership bench strength, strengthen your culture or initiate change, LI could be right for you.

Just like the best facilitators, Cindy brings her experience and passion to every program, and it shows. The content comes to life for participants through her examples based on 25+ years in leadership roles. People easily relate to Cindy and the examples she uses make the ideas meaningful and memorable. Busy leaders consistently praise her classes as valuable and her approach as enjoyable."

Cheryl Smith MA
Master Certified Coach
International Facilitator
Co-author Navigational Conversations 

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